Six Inline Softsensors

The Delta T Moisture (MC) sensing & control model, derived from first principles,

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 5.26.43 PM

relates the moisture content (MC) of a product exiting a dryer to the temperature drop (∆T) of hot air following contact with the wet product and the production rate or evaporative load (S). The model produced the following exclusive MC softsensor:

  • An inline MC Softsensor consisting of two ordinary temperature sensors and software that is rugged, reliable, does not drift, can be installed “inside-a-dryer”, uses 100% of production as sample size, does not require re-calibration, and reduces dead time by at least 30%.

The above-described technology filled a niche that is proving quite profitable to those industries that have taken advantage of its ability to improve MC sensing and control.

Extension of Delta T Softsensor Technology:

It has been determined that five additional product properties may be sensed and controlled (inline) similar to that described above for MC while the product is being dried—all in terms of the same process variable (∆T). This, therefore, provides an additional five new and exclusive SoftSensors.

  • Relative humidity (RH)
  • Water activity (aw)
  • Product surface temperature (Ts)
  • Drying rate (dM/dθ)
  • Evaporative Load (EVL)

More information is available by selecting the individual property from the drop- down menu on the SoftSensor section of the home page.

*It should be noted that any attempt to use raw delta t data will not work with the Delta T model. Proprietary means developed by DTI over a period of time are necessary for this exclusive technology to be utilized.