Inline Moisture (MC) Softsensor

The Delta T model was derived from the first principles and became the basis for two patents covering batch and continuous MC sensing and control systems:

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 5.26.43 PM

The Delta T Model relates the MC of a product exiting a dryer to: (1) the temperature drop (∆T) of hot air or superheated steam after contacting the product being dried; and (2) the production rate, evaporated load, or the speed of the dryer (S). It produced an exclusive MC SoftSensor, previously unavailable, consisting of two ordinary temperature sensors and software that is rugged, reliable, does not drift, can be installed inside-the-dryer, uses 100% of the production as sample size, does not require re-calibration and reduces dead time at least 30% due to its installation closer to the dryer feed. As a result of this unique MC softsensor, those “never-been-done before” sensing and control systems are now available, for example, a Lime Mud Kiln MC Control System, a CD Warp Control System for Corrugators, and a True Zone-Control Lumber Kiln Control System, are each described under the Controls Section on the Home Page. The figure below demonstrates the effectiveness of the Delta T MC SoftSensor in tracking the MC from a NIR MC sensor for two products, thus confirming its legitimacy as a highly effective MC sensor.

Delta T MC Semspr Tracls NIR MC Sensor